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The Core of Corruption

Your Role  to Rid The Menace

Dishonesty and lack of integrity perhaps define corruption best. Moral decay and degeneration are other referrals that point towards the meaning of it. There are two main forms of corruption that the bible records which gave birth to all major troubles of the world. Satan became immoral (selfish/jealous) and demonstrated decayed principles by attempting a coup in heaven. This ultimate corruption led to suffering as is evident today in the world. The other example of corruption in the bible is when Eve and Adam practiced dishonesty and tried to do things their way and ate the forbidden fruit.

In both examples above, the real reason behind the corrupt acts of Satan and man are the hopes to gain an edge, more intelligence (or and) ‘power’. Satan knew too well about the glory of God and eyed the top position to his detriment. The devil wanted it all; dominion just like his creator. Eve gave in with the hope of gaining knowledge and becoming more like God. The need for power has since then been ingrained in the hearts of many and how far people will go to get power is anyone’s guess. In the modern day, money is the basis of power and influence. In Kenya, the rich minority has the power to twist/shape agendas to their liking.

Power or money is a ticket for respect in many circles. Many are blind to the means in which power and money are acquired. Parliament reps in Kenya and a myriad of leaders are linked to the drug trade and endless chains of corrupt cases. This goes to show that money can buy power and even ‘respect’. Consequently, the core or root of corruption lies in the need to be respected. In Kenya a little ever 60% of youth do not have jobs or a stable income. This is directly linked to crime level which is ever so high.

But this is not all; the cream of society keeps getting richer while the poor keep declining. In the words of Robert Heinlein (most influential author) ‘poverty has always been there and the poor are despised and condemned. Whenever they have an opportunity to create, they are shot down and they end up in abject poverty than before’. In Kenya, the plight of the poor has been that of suffering with landless people being evicted from time to time unable to progress due to the instability.

The core of corruption has been evident over the years and learning to read the patterns can help steer clear of corruption and effects thereof. We began by learning the first cases of corruption with the devil and man. If at a personal level you can be honest in everything you do; you have nothing much to worry about. If indeed you can establish integrity without wavering, the heartbeat of corruption can certainly be crushed. Corruption must be eliminated or avoided by an individual if there is going to be any institutional difference. Of course it cannot be eliminated totally but you can play your part; that is all you need to do to eliminate core corruption in Kenya.


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