Death town- The Wagala Massacre!

18 Feb

10th February 1984 is a date that the members of the Digodia clan in Wajir town would love to delete from their memories but they don’t have the luxury to do so. The day will forever be embedded in their brain for on this day and the two days that followed the reign of terror that befell them shook their existence. It was a day that the streets were slippery with blood, bodies were scattered and the silence was enough to make the dead turn in their graves. On this day the devil walked in their village taking lives of innocent men and molesting the women while robbing the children of their innocence. The infamous Wagala Massacre!

It has been over two decades since the massacre happened and little has been done to see to it that justice prevails. The stories told by the victims of the massacre are not only dead right heart breaking but also appalling. Thousands of people died at the hands of Kenyan security enforcement, women were rapped, and children’s hope killed and maimed. Many people look forward to the month of February but the people of Wajir this is the month that they have to re-live the ordeal and to know that no one has been held responsible for what happened kills them with every passing year.

On the 14th February 2000, the Somali community living in Canada held a demonstration protesting against the lack of justice for the felons who were responsible for the massacre. ‘The worst episode of human rights violations in Kenyan history’ is what the United Nations called it, but eerie silence from the government begs many questions. In July 2010 some of the women who survived the massacre went back to where it all happened, the Wagala air strip that hasn’t seen a single plane in 27 years. The pain in their eyes is a clear indication that time hasn’t done them justice and the hearts have grown numb with death.

Two régimes down and they all walk around like nothing ever happened. Three days of innocent Kenyans being terrorized by them that they pay to keep them safe and the master minds behind the heinous acts have been left to roam freely for 27 years! Less than 48hours to the massacre, some of government officials met in wajir’s district officer’s. some of the names and the post they held then; Benson Kaaria (P.C North Eastern Province), Bethuel Kiplagat (P.S Ministry Of Foreign affair), David Mwiraria (P.S Ministry of foreign affairs) John Gituma (P.S Ministry of Information and Broadcasting), Brigadier J.R Kibwana (Department of defence), John Kagathi (Senior Administrative Secretary-Office of the president) James Mathenge (P.S office of the president). Some of the prominent people named above deny the meeting ever took place, some refuse to comment on the proceedings of the meeting, others say that they are not at liberty to discuss government’s business whilst others cannot be reached. Why all these mixed reactions? Both the former and present president remains mum on the issue it is evident that the then government had everything to do with the massacre. The common factor between the two regimes is Amos Wako.

Why did the government carry out such atrocity?


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3 responses to “Death town- The Wagala Massacre!

  1. Daniel okoth

    March 6, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    That was the sad, justice shall prevail and the dark secrets shall come to light. In the face of the lord that was wrong

  2. Virginiah Mwangi

    March 26, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    ths is too much of a shock!!May God forgive us!

  3. chacha noel

    April 16, 2011 at 8:57 pm



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