10 Feb

What would the freedom fighters think?
Can you put a price in your freedom? A little absurd and far fetched it might seem, but the reality is that there is a price to everything (at least in Kenya there is). There have been endless stories of people put behind bars for over eight years for allegedly stealing chicken while we have many other people walking ‘scot free’ after embezzling millions of shillings. When the coalition government took over, Kenyans were hopeful that this would see the brick of a new dawn that their forefathers had laid down their lives to get, two years down the lane and what we can show is more despaired faces and few bellied members of parliament.
Walking among us are those who were and still are internally displaced, as if that is not bad enough the there are now talks of the Attorney-General writing to the Treasury seeking for legal financial assistance for the suspects of the ones under investigation by the Hague. This comes at a time when the country is staring at drought right in its cruel blood thirsty eyes. Thousands of people have lost their crops and livestock. As each day passes, the drought keeps taking toll of the people’s health and the numbers of malnourished and starving are on the rise. The food reserves are quickly dwindling and there are no signs of rain in the next three months.
Kenyan’s are best known for their generosity and it in this spirit of giving that one Mr Kamlesh Pattni (the architect of the Goldenberg scandal) was out giving Santa Claus a hand in delivering gifts to boys and girls who had have been good through out the year. This time he was in Libya giving leopard skin to President Muammar Gaddafi. The skin was a gift presented to the president when more than 50 kenyan elders visited his country. No one seems to know where Mr.Pattni got the skin and how it was exported out of the country. The Kenya wildlife Service has to sign off on any trophy outside Kenya.

Our fore fathers must be turning in their graves as they look at what is going on in the country today.

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