Corrupt CEOs

10 Jan

Chief Executive officers of private organizations especially NGO’s and CBO’s should be investigated for corruption and impunity.A good example is the CEO of a certain farmers organization who practices nepotism and tribalism without any shame. Almost 90% of the organization’s employees hail from his Meru community and extended family. Students being attached for internship are also from his community or extended family. The key posts that deal with money ie senior finance office and the accounts and their assistants are part of his family. The CEO’s salary is also way beyond what the organization can afford because he arbitrarily decides it. Any staff deemed not to cooperate are summarily dismissed. All consultancies are done by his private consultancy firm. The payroll also consists of ghost staff who work in his personal consultancy and his businesses. The office vehicles and equipment are used for personal activities eg picking and dropping his wife and children. How can such a CEO be investigated?

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One response to “Corrupt CEOs

  1. peter kamau

    January 12, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Even Government Ministries CEOs who are the permanent secretaries should be investigated like the Ministry of livestock develpoment whose newly employed 2009 group have been paid selectively there baggage allowance basing on whom one knows at the Headquarters. All candidates are entitled but payment is selective after coughing some thing “big”!Other Ccounterparts in Ministries like Agriculture were paid promptly and non selectively. Sometheing has to be done1


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