Mobile phones users

04 Jan

There is a theft going on on the Mobile phones. A message has been coming to me from 4884 after every 3 days and each time I get deducted Ksh 30. This is a service which I have never subscribed to. The owners need to be investigated. I know that so many Kenyans are suffering silently. Imagine if it happens to 1 million people

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One response to “Mobile phones users

  1. Mary Wanjohi

    January 11, 2011 at 10:20 am

    This has been happening to me also and when there is no money in my mobile I find a message saying `Sorry. You have insufficient funds to use this service. If you like to receive 50/- airtime advance….’My question is what service is this they are talking about? They do not give you any phone number to question what service they are talking about. Please advice me on what I should do to get rid of this service they are offering which I have not requested.


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