Illegal connections

04 Jan

hi,first i would like to thank you,for the good job your doing,of availing kenyans a platform,to air their grievances,relating to corruption.
Well there this thing that is happening in our neighbourhood,which is so wicked,i beilieve someone should be held responsible,i live in mombasa, changamwe constituency,hamisi eatate,of late water vendors,have been connecting their water source to the main pipe,which i believe its illegal,coz that water in the first its not treated,hence leading to a host of diseases,plus the workers at the coast water services board, whom i believe are responsible for colluding with water vendors to access the main pipe,should be held responsible,the place where all this is taking place is about,300mtrs from where the whole center of administration is located,i.e,the police,dc, chief, etc,please is there any way,that you can assist to air out, this wickedness.

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One response to “Illegal connections

  1. nderi

    January 12, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Nyeri central police station is one big mess. this especially is with the patrol car(RAV 4)that normally patrols the area. these boys-in-blue are doing no work but only collecting tithes from matatus pikipikis and bicycles sometimes. come to our rescue.


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