30 Dec

Goshen Accademy, a private School in the Nakuru County where my son goes to school always sends a “News letter” alongside the report card. All except August 2010 holidays when there was a shortage.

On 3rd July 2010, which happened to be a visiting day, a “Parents meeting” was held and it was resolved to give a treat to all the teachers in the form of a trip to Mombasa at the parents expense – KSh 500/= per student. There are approximately 450 students in the school.

This amount (500/=) was incremented on term 3 fees – which we did not know about till December newsletter (remember the shortage of august newsletters). Parents therefore ended up having un-planned for arrears enemating from this.

I have my April 2010 newsletter and there is no mention of a parents meeting. the only mention of date 3rd July is as a VISITING DAY.

In conclution (my opinion):-
1. Parents were never invited for a meeting (not even via SMS – the school has our phone numbers);
2. An Impromptu was held during a visiting day – catching the parents present off-gurd,
3. The management / teachers had already decided to go to Mombasa at our expence
4. This is also one form of forced corruption where one party (ME) has no say or redress
5. Maybe Mutua (Kenya parents association?) has something to say about this?
6. Is this happening in other schools to other parents?

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