Is it a case of double standards?

09 Nov

It is often said that you are innocent until proven otherwise by the court. But do our leaders practice that? Are our politicians ‘witch hunting’ each other? Why is it that some of the politicians are being tainted with the guilty tags on their foreheads yet their cases are still pending in court? Why is it that the principle is opting to defend particular quarters yet they, the quarters, are also facing similar charges but of a different kind?

Is there a pattern that has developed of ‘dance to my tune and you are on the safe side?’ or is there focus so much on 2012 that they have neglected other more pressing assignments such as addressing the issue of the police force?

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One response to “Is it a case of double standards?

  1. Gurdial

    November 29, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    In Kenya you are guilty until proven innocent especially the police force


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