Is he a political scapegoat?

18 Oct

Last week, the courts ruled that Higher Education Minister, William Ruto, should face criminal charges for his involvement in a deal that saw Kenya Pipeline purchase land that belonged to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources at Kshs 272 Million.

Out of this amount, William Ruto is alleged to have received 96 Million shillings in various intervals during the alleged transactions.

The question is; what happened to the balance of 176 Million? Who was paid these sums of monies? Is Ruto the only high level politician involved in the deal or are they using him as a political scapegoat?

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One response to “Is he a political scapegoat?


    October 22, 2010 at 8:39 am

    What i may say may not be worth smilling about .We r christians lets not want to know more about the world because we will miss the plane to heaven. lets take this as our prayer point and make a difference for whatever is done in the dark Shall be brought to light.if he’s not guilty or guilty it doesnt matter this r the days of elijah.Just pray


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