Will we see and end to Impunity?

04 Oct

It’s clear that the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo is thirsty for justice in the great Nation called Kenya. He promised to prosecute the ‘big fish’ and bring impunity to an end. But will impunity end or just reduce and latter on go back to the usual?

Yes, the politicians are the main culprits of impunity, but what about the financially well to do in society? Will they learn from Ocampo? Or will they just continue using their financial might to get their way round things?

The new breed of politicians are of questionable characters, their sources of wealth are vague; their past, hmmm… vague. So are the old guards of impunity giving way to a new breed?

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One response to “Will we see and end to Impunity?

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