Is it all a ploy?

28 Sep

Is this yet another scheme? Is there something that is being hidden from the Kenyans? Why is it that anytime the government has an upcoming project such as the referendum and elections, you start hearing of new projected that are ‘to improve’ the lives of Kenyans.
In 2002/3, when the new government was driving for the draft constitution, the issue of new generation passports came up. The whole idea behind the passports was to improve security, make them more tamper proof and meet international standards. To add salt to the injury, Kenyans were told that driving licenses will be more modern, handy in size to that of the National ID and will be electronic, just like they do in first world countries.
Was that the case? NO! What Kenyans got was the billions of shillings that the country lost to the project. Then what happens? Suddenly people from particular quotas started becoming overnight millionaires. Commissions were formed to look into the matter, a lot of money was spent on the commissions but the results are gathering dust in some government office.
Now there NHIF is asking for members by increasing its rates. Could this be another gambit? How can the responsible authorities assure Kenyans it’s not another ‘Anglo leasing’ in the making? How will those are being deducted monitor the money? And why now when 2012 is around the corner?

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One response to “Is it all a ploy?

  1. iworet okisai

    October 1, 2010 at 11:57 am

    you know what? kenyans must become knowledgeble. am sure they looted money for referendum campaign, and 2012 is a head, where do you think cash will from?


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