How far is too far and what can be done?

23 Sep

Is it that Kenyan authorities pretend not to know or is it that they are involved in one way or another in deducing the impact of their carelessness? Why is it that no action is being taken? Why it that all we get is empty words with no actions?
You may be wondering where I am coming from. As a curious Kenyan I wonder, ponder and engage my brain into critical thinking, why? Piracy at the Somali coast line is rampant; the money that the pirates get easily makes its way to our economy. The central Bank of Kenya, in its last financial year, had a surplus of approximately two (2) billion shillings they could not account for. There are a number of banks that are mushrooming in the Eastlands areas that are not legally operational, money is making it was to the economy without detection by relevant bodies.
Now, there is the issue of human trafficking, Kenya is being used as a transit point for illegal aliens. Our boarder systems seem not to be functioning well, corruption is rampant in those areas, and our neighboring countries are using this to their advantage to get into the country or use the country as a transit point. Some are so desperate that they do not mind living in a two bedroom house 20 of them, sleeping in cold floors, surviving on one loaf of bread and soda after, God knows, how many days. There mode transported in the boots of cars.
So I beg to ask, have we stooped this low? How far is too far and what are some of the possible solutions? Are there some ‘Big Fish’ out there benefiting from all this?

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