Will the Judiciary system change?

20 Jul

According to the current constitution, the Judiciary is independent and autonomous body. However, over the years, it has been perceived as a corrupt institution. Those without financial power have lost hope in the systems; the image of the Judiciary has a negative connotation tainted to it and is often referred to as a working institution for the rich. A number of commissions have been set up to give recommendations on how to improve the image. But the results have been discouraging.
With the debate on the new constitution, the issue of the Judiciary has not been left behind. The draft promises drastic improvements on the judicial system; it will be a system that is responsive to change, user friendly, efficient and effective in service delivery.
If the draft passes, will there be a positive overhaul in the entire system? Will more people be familiar with the due processes of the court system? Will there be a judicial system that does not favour in terms of whose who in the country or depending on one’s financial might? Will there be more justice and less of corruption?

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One response to “Will the Judiciary system change?

  1. Grace Njeri

    July 20, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    I do not think there will be change. The way our society is, the rich have a high chance of getting away with things. We need to strengthen the anti-corruption bodies, give them teeth to prosecute and do away with impunity in the country. Then things are bound to change in the judicial system


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