28 Apr

English defines corruption as dishonest behavior in return for money or personal gain. The Kenyan sense of the word however, has a broader, more sinister meaning.

Corruption is a vice that affects many facets of the lives of Kenyans. Corruption in Kenya does not only refer to the selfish acts of bribery, it also concerns nepotism, tribalism, and racism.

Recent studies have shown that Kenyans learn to practice this vice at a very tender age, and are thus unable to learn to earn an honest living at maturity, even if they wanted to.

It is nearly impossible to uproot the culture of corruption in the Kenyan society because its roots are buried deep in the sands of time.

Prominent men and women who have shaped and directed the cause of our history are known to have perpetuated corruption, yet their names will not be soiled, for that would dim the glory of our nation.
The motto of the Kenyan Police is ‘utumishi kwa wote,’ a Swahili phrase meaning, ‘service to all,’ yet the police seems to have become pawns of prominent people in society. The law only applies to the poor.
The police also seems to have found a goldmine of ‘funds’ unduly collected from helpless Kenyans who have no other recourse to turn to in their time of need.

The Kenya anti-corruption commission was set up to handle the numerous cases of corruption, yet no major corruption case has been brought to a fruitful conclusion, making it branded a toothless dog.
Ultimately, the buck stops with us as patriots. We should ask ourselves, if this is what we fought to gain in our struggle for independence. If this is truly, the Kenya we want!

The fight against corruption in Kenya has so far been an uphill task. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. We are living in a man-eat-man society.The question is Is this really the country that the freedom fighters wanted after all the struggles?


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  1. Ebonyivory

    April 28, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    Very nice & good. Difficult to read though, why don’t you mirror image the font colour & background(?)
    Best regads,

  2. jack.the.ripper

    May 20, 2010 at 10:47 pm

    corruption in kenya has ruined the lives of many innocent kenyans. The rich big companies who are not paying workers compensation just because they know the law can be bent to their advantages. Work injury benefits act ‘WIBA’ is a toothless dog. And the rights of kenyan stolen by the rich even after a family looses a loved one after being injured at work. How must we fight this?? These same companies enjoy world bank projects and yet deny what is rightfully payable to their employees. How can we expose these companies??


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