11 Mar

In the recent past there have been so many corruption cases especially in public offices. Most of the most affected are very important to the society. Just the other day billions of education funds disappeared just like that, the permanent secretaries were suspended for investigations but when the prime minister suspended the minister for education president Mwai Kibaki recalled him together with the agriculture Minister William Ruto whose docket has also been mentioned on the maize scandal which also saw the PSs being sent home. Recently Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi was mentioned in a land scandal which involved his ministry-local government. The scandal involves Kshs 283 millions. Same case the PSs were sent home to pave way for investigations.

Mudavadi who met Kenya Anti-Corruption investigators for four hours, claimed innocence, and blamed Sh283million cemetery scandal on politics.

In Parliament, Mudavadi defended himself against KACC claim part of the Sh120 million skimmed by lawyers, Local Government officials and Nairobi City Council was collected for him by lawyer Newton Osiemo.
The DPM, who is also the Minister for Local Government, denied knowledge of Osiemo, and argued his name was dragged into the scandal because of political witch-hunt against Orange Democratic Movement. Mudavadi and Agriculture Minister William Ruto, who is also grappling with graft claims, are Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s deputies in ODM.

Raila also gallantly defended Mudavadi in Parliament, arguing the war against graft should not be politicised, adding it was premature to judge the DPM.

Mudavadi argued KACC never gave him the opportunity to defend himself against the adverse claims in line with natural justice. But KACC, instead, leaked the report to the Press before investigations were complete. In ordinary circumstances, the report would have gone to the Attorney General for possible prosecution.
Mudavadi, who described himself as a victim of falsehood, alleged it was a plot by Party of National Unity to weaken ODM, through targeting him in the saga.

The Local Government Minister argued some politicians might have infiltrated KACC to use it to intimidate anti-corruption crusaders.Mudavadi is on record asking Muthaura to act on those culpable, citing interdicted PS Kirui.

Isn’t only fair if the whole office was sent packing? In as much as the PSs authorize things to be done on behalf of the minister truth be told that they discuss with the ministers first.

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