24 Feb

Just the other day President Mwai Kibaki revoked the prime minister’s suspension of two government ministers linked to corruption allegations. The ministers of agriculture and education were suspended by Prime Minister Raila Odinga during fraud investigations into missing funds.

The civil society now wants President Kibaki to act tough on ministers cited in scandals or face mass action. Speaking under the aegis of the National Council of Community-based Organizations (CBOs), they accused the President for protecting corrupt individuals.

“The President has repeatedly affirmed to Kenyans he would not tolerate corruption. But that seems to be mere theory,” said CBO boss Tom Aosa, while addressing journalists in Nairobi, on Tuesday. Mr Aosa said they would mobilise all CBOs for mass action to force the President to sack all ministers mentioned on graft.
Their call comes days after Prime Minister Raila Odinga suspended two ministers whose dockets have lost millions of shillings through corruption. But hours later, the President over turned the PM’s action and reinstated them. The council also claimed the Government has lost more than Sh4.6 billion during Kibaki’s tenure.

“In the seven years of Kibaki’s administration there has been no decisive action on anyone suspected of corruption, despite the loss of such a large amount of money. Instead he has spent more money covering up corruption through toothless commissions,” Aosa claimed.

He mentioned the Anglo Leasing scam, the Artur brothers, Goldenberg, Grand Regency, and the oil scandal where the Government spent millions of shillings on a goose chase for perpetrators.

Last week, another group demonstrated in Nairobi and petitioned the President to sack six ministers whose dockets have been rocked by graft.

Well well this just but a few of the many corruption cases in Kenya today. What is your take on this issue of Kibaki protecting corrupt officials/ministers?

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