22 Dec

We are busy planning mass demos this week if President Kibaki does not crack the whip re Ministry of Education Scam in the next 48 hours…

We also are not going to allow the payment of a single cent, not a single dime, from the public to the prime movers of the Mau outrage. Our lawyers, led by Mr. Kibe Mungai are working round the clock and we will also have mass demos if the government does not retract. Pesa ya umma sio pesa ya serikali! We need a national referendum to pay that any amount of money to individuals who abused their offices of trust to enrich themselves at our expense. These people, like others around the country who have damaged our forests, swamps, lakes and rivers, have committed crimes against humanity and nature by destroying the Mau and should be punished not rewarded for it. It is even worse for Mr. Moi because he was our trustee in chief.

The only people who deserve sympathy on purely humanitarian grounds (which by the way is a duty of the State) and should be indemnified (not compensated) by the State are the poor masses who depended/subsisted on their illegal occupation of the Mau. Strictly, we have enough destitute in the country and it is for our own good not to create more. As we say in my mother tongue, “When the tongue bleeds you cannot spit out all the blood; some you just must swallow.”

But, interestingly is sitting pretty like a bystander in her/his life yet s/he knows zillions more than I do about the sleazy goings on in Government. S/he has a duty to stand up for her/his country. That way both wings of Government will be checked. Omtatah and Co. will take care of the rot in PNU as s/he takes care of the rot in ODM. That way, Kenya will be the happier and merrier country it is supposed to be. That way, we will be working towards a clean government. Citizenship is a duty for all not just for Omtatah and Co. to volunteer their time and limb. We should not expect others to do things for us. In the spirit of the National Anthem, let’s all stand up for this country. It is time for Kenya to eat! So, let’s feed it with the baby food of the State: INSTITUTIONS.

But on a more serious note, is it really beyond us to perceive and engage Kenya beyond this absolutely false and nauseating PNU/ODM divide that is simply a career advancement tool for our vile politicians? Is it impossible for us to be nationalistic (support of the country) without being patriotic (support of the political class)? It is patriotic to support our government; but it is not nationalistic to do so when the Government does things that harm the country today or in the future.

Have a Blessed Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord & a Good New Year, 2010.
Okiya Omtatah Okoiti

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  1. familykenya

    December 24, 2009 at 3:08 pm


    DATE: 24th December 2009

    NASCON condemns the arrests of the Civil Society activists and term the move as unfortunate and ill advised.

    The Membership of the Name and Shame Corruption Networks (NASCON) Campaign strongly condemn the action by the police in breaking up a peaceful demonstration and subsequent arrest of the members of the Civil Society in their quest for justice and their clamour for the resignation of the Minister for Education and his Permanent Secretary for the misappropriation of the FPE fund. While it is within their jurisdiction to demonstrate their dissatisfaction in the manner in which the Ministry of education has been running its affairs, the police must be aware that their action not only abuses the rights of the Citizens of this country but also is seen to be promoting and aiding the culture of impunity in the society.

    The Membership of the Name and Shame Corruption Networks (NASCON) Campaign take note of the above issue of misappropriation of free primary education and join other citizens in calling for the resignation or otherwise sacking of the Minister and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for their gross misconduct on the issue. The President and the Prime minister should be seen to be fully in charge of the affairs of Government by sacking the two for their inability to admit fraud in the Ministry. The Controller and Auditor General report was clear that there was misappropriation in the Ministry. Who are they to go contrary to the report? The Department for International Development (DFID), who were the main funders of FPE, have raised concern over the misappropriation of funds for the same project. Why is the Minister and his accounting officer denying the fact? It simply raises questions on where the buck stops?

    We urge the Department for International Development (DFID) not to reconsider its stand on suspending further funding to government for the project and any other project supported by them until the truth has been uncovered. We demand a thorough audit of other projects being supported by other development partners. Other development partners should thoroughly scrutinize the effectiveness of the projects they fund and audit the funds disbursed

    We lastly reiterate the unconditional release of the arrested members of the Civil Society who had organised the peaceful process so that they can enjoy Xmas with their families.

    The sacking of the Minister for Education and his Permanent Secretary should be effected by the President and the Prime Minister forthwith.



    Geoffrey Birundu
    National Coordinator


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