15 Dec

P.S One day to go to the deadline of submitting your views on the Harmonized Draft Constitution (HDC). Although some civil society groups are lobbying for an extension on the time, there is no guarantee that our courts will agree to it

Recent media publications have reveled that free primary education may have lost up to Sh6 billion through corruption. The mega-scandal potentially puts the future of 8.6 million primary school pupils in jeopardy and increases the likelihood of placing the school fees burden on the parents who are already groaning under the weight of heavy taxes and high cost of living.
The money had been budgeted for constructing of new classrooms and buying text books for poor students in poverty ravaged districts. Already, 25 officers at the ministry have been suspended over the scandal.

President Kibaki today vowed that no one would compromise Kenya’s free primary education programme, and ordered action on Education ministry officials involved in graft. The president directed relevant government arms, including Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to take stern action on corrupt officials in the FPE programme.

My dear Kenyans, for how long will ‘thieves’ continue stealing and we just wait and watch? Why should we continue just suspending thieves instead of ‘storing’ them at Kamiti? I think we need to borrow from china. You steal public fund-executed. You mess with public milk-Killed. Akoko


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  1. jack

    December 15, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Its very distasteful and regrettable that almost all public officials are driven by selfish interests, rather than public good. We should think of out-of-the box ways of solving this issues. Maybe we should radically empower the young Kenyans to replace this corrupt groups; Revamping the sector with young independent, nationalistic, morally-upright and brilliant minds might will not only tap their energies but and probably give us the FRESH START, which we very much need. Its a fact that young people are more accountable and flexible than the old-timers.

  2. BANA

    December 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    Oh our Kenya, where do we get genuine human beings, people who will be only fond of reaping from where they sow? The worst is Kenya as a country has so many enemies within herself. How would such huge amount of money just disappear unaccounted for? Whoever took this money knows him/herself and should stand cursed forever. Quite sad that this sensitive sector of social economics can be subjected to this suffering by the benefiting nationals


    December 15, 2009 at 3:26 pm

    Shame..”our time to eat attitude” is the new motto 2002-2012. These pple will steal from even a malnourished dying child. Why even try to investigated… honestly Kenyans for what? well maybe to give a job to ur kin. If the foreign donors need to help the real needy Kenyans, please bypass the obese cats. please initiate and supervise you donor projects/ funds without any association to the politicians and the ‘know it alls’ sorry but this is very shameful


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