10 Dec

I happened to attend the International Anti-corruption celebrations at Kencom in Nairobi yesterday. I am happy to report that the attendance was overwhelming. Not because Kenyans wanted to know what corruption is all about or because they had no other businesses to do but because they had many many complains on bad governance, delays on almost everything and the major one was poor distribution of resources all over the country.

It was a good thing seeing how Kenyans are yearning so much for change. Most people I spoke to complained on how corruption has become a way of life in the country. It was such a shame that even after the government promised citizens that the draft constitution will be easily available to everyone who can read-Very few Kenyans got a copy yesterday.The thing is what happens to the blind who haven’t been put into considerations and those who understand their mother tongues only? Will they make the right decision during the referendum ?

Kenyans turned up in thousands just to be told that the copies of the harmonized draft constitution were over after all the publications that they will be readily available for everyone. This caused so much drama as some Kenyans shouted that they pay a lot of tax and get little or nothing in return.
The place was however filled with plenty of teachings and lots of question asking secession. Some of the questions that many people asked include where to report corruption people, cases etc and how fast actions will be taken after reporting.

This blog is one of the places you can report your case or tell your story. In return a commission based at Integrity Centre at Milimani/Valley Road junction will take action.

Kenyans were requested not to be scared of making known their complains and reporting corruption cases against public officers, public institutions and other public sectors to institutions like ‘The Public Complaints Standing Committee’ etc. The other good news is that THE STATE LAW OFFICE is about to introduce a law that protects witnesses.

There was so much information and all we can hope for that is that Corruption will be a thing of the past in the years to come. ‘YOUR NO COUNTS-SAY NO TO CORRUPTION’ Report your cases here and condemn all the leaders lagging us behind.

Some one at the place asked me a question that really got me thinking. What will happen to those people who cant read or even understand English because all the publications at the exhibition were in English.Does this mean that the only people who can fight corruption are only the learned ones? While we all know that the most affected are the illiterate.

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