13 Nov

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When people in Kenya ask you for tea, they are often not requesting a hot drink but rather a bribe. For many years, this expression has been used to put a dirty meaning into nice words, as As useful as this euphemism may have been for many years to avoid the word “corruption”, it does represent how corruption can turn a society upside down.

Kenya this Kenya that. What is happening to our beloved country? I deal with matatu business and i face these policemen everyday and they ask for money from us everyday every hour. Corruption is deep than we can ever think. As i was reading some of the comments here i noticed that most of us understand the problem we face but do very little or nothing about it because we have made corruption as a culture or as part of us. The whistle blowers are always threatened and we have all witnessed many killed by what they call hired to kill. Fight against corruption must start with us in such a way that we push for good leadership from the very top.


I must say that wananchi play a big role too in encouraging corruption because the minute my friends see that i gave the traffic officer some money and my cars were let free why will he not do the same? I feel that in as much as we are in the 3rd world we are far ahead in technology and many other ways can be improved. Let us choose responsible leaders who will stream line most of the corrupt public and private offices or organizations.

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