03 Nov

accidentas mbaya

My eyes are swollen as I write this sad story of my late friend who lost her life yesterday after her car was involved in a greasy road accident yesterday. I must say it is really sad because she was in her early 20s and the only kid in her family.
The reason why am connecting her story with mine is because in the recent past there have been so many road accidents and many innocent lives lost. The question is how do all those faulty cars pass the police barriers without the police noticing that those public and even personal cars do not comply with all the traffic rules in Kenya?

Most of us have witnessed the tout giving the traffic police some cash in order to let the either over loaded PSVs pass through the police barriers instead of charging it with breaking the traffic rules. It is very sad to see that very drunk and reckless drivers have increased on our roads. One night we were coming from some club in Westlands sorry to say that we were all so high on alcohol and some other stuff and to make the matter worse we were driving on the wrong lane.

Unluckily some motorists informed the cops about it so they followed us. We were so scared when their cars surrounded us and we expected the worst to happen like they would tow our car and maybe call our parents. Shock on us! This is Kenya like they always put it- We had about KSH.4000 so we gave them and they let us go after some argument.
We can all imagine how the cops ignorance or their don’t care attitude has led to many deaths in our country. If they stopped being so selfish and think more about saving lives by disciplining careless motorists rather than taking petty bribes that cannot even be enough for all their needs then we can all be sure of reduced loss of lives and many other negative issues brought about by this vice.

Let us fight against this, life is more than money. Corruption is a killer. May all those we have lost through road accidents rest in peace.

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