27 Oct

jorna 33
I am a Kenya freelancing journalist and am happy to report the following as to what the mood of Kenyans is like. The ban was really timely as we can also be grateful for the rains too. But before I can explain what the mood is like I want to point out that almost all careers involve some sort of bribery. Being a member of the 4TH Estate, I unveil so many stories mostly involving high profile people in Kenya today most are businessmen and some government officials. They offer me a lot of money from KSH 100,000 for me not to write about them. I am sorry but I cannot reveal details, my point is no money is enough for all our needs.

Kenyans have overwhelmingly welcomed United States travel ban on an unnamed key government official for impeding much needed reforms. The United States under Secretary for African Affairs Jonnie Carson announced the ban after holding a series of meetings with Kenyan government officials Monday.
President Barack Obama’s administration recently sent stern letters to some government officials threatening action if they failed to support reforms. Kenyans also urged Washington to take the sanction a step further by freezing the assets and bank accounts of the officials.

Kenyans also want the international community to follow in Washington’s step by weeding out impunity. We hope that the global community will stand like the Americans in solidarity with the Kenyan people, a long suffering people to assist and work with the Kenyan people to remove the scourge of impunity corruption that has infected our country since independence actually.Washington’s decision is emboldening the Kenyan people to push for reforms, especially for sanctions against the corrupt leadership in this country.

Kenyans are also happy Louis Moreno Ocampo; chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court will soon begin investigations to the 2007 post-election violence. As we all know, Ocampo is coming to the country next week. So, there is a correlation in the mind of Kenyans that the international community is finally rising to the occasion to respond once and for all to the culture of impunity in Kenya. We ceded the concept of state sovereignty when we accepted the principle of indivisibility and universality of the human rights…on this question of sovereignty and the poor leadership that we have at the moment, I beg to part ways with the (government) on that score.

Washington has also promised to soon extend the ban to three more government officials whose visas are currently being considered.


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6 responses to “I AM CORRUPT BUT CANT HELP…your story

  1. joshua

    October 28, 2009 at 11:34 am

    it is unfortunate that senior government officials are still adamant to change even after all this has been done. Kenyans should be getting ready to keep all of them aside come the next general election. New blood should be put into Kenyan leadership.Kenyans should also be willing to say no to corruption at all levels starting from our homes.

  2. hottencia

    October 28, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    What sense does it make surely for telling us that you are corrupt and cannot change? I must say that you are just selfish and as a being a member of the fourth estate “SHAME ON YOU”. We Kenyans relie on you for information which is true and that affect us as voters and people concerned about their country. No wonder you can never be employed and your job is just freelancing. I am very angry with you only that i cannot get you.
    We have so many other people out there living a under a dollar a day and they survive now because you want to get rich easily and faster. Oh how i pity you. Some one gets up early morning to dig pit latrines and earn a descent salary and is happy,unlike you. I tell u this money will haunt you.. You should be patriotic enough to unveil all those corrupt leaders. Look at your colleagues in KTN they tell it as it is and we appreciate because they support all those fighting against corruption.
    You writing how leaders give you bribes not to publish their stories. Kindly save the energy and save Kenyans the agony shameless blogger.

  3. joshua

    October 28, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    i wish this freelance journalist changes first to be a role model.
    i will not insult him as much as i am not happy with him. God will revenge on behalf of Kenyan who suffer while he enjoy the money given to bribe him. HE IS WATCHING HIM STEP BY STEp AND HE WILL NOT GO FAR.
    HOTTENCIA,let us be good and this country will change because we are

  4. PETER

    October 29, 2009 at 4:08 pm

    Was this guy born a journalist or he is the people we read about in the media for faking school papers? Am also a member a the forth estate and am really sorry to realize that in as much as we are trying to end impunity,corruption,bad governance someone out there is trying to press hard on to bring us down in our efforts. Don’t you have mercy or even shame? I really support Hottencia on this but Joshua God has given us knowledge so that we can condemn such actions so by saying this guy will change step by step i dont see what you mean. Let us not be hypocrites -call a spoon a spoon and openly correct and shame such people.
    Let us all join hands and say what we want as we support the foreigners who feel sorry for us and are doing all they can to help us achieve the reform. How many times have talked about a new constitution? why is the government reluctant to offer a new one? because the constitution favors a section of Kenyans. Not all let us support people fighting corruption by saying it out aloud.
    Thank you.

  5. Marion Mombo

    October 30, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Barely a week after Kenyatta Day the President of Kenya pardoned 7000 petty offenders. Now I don’t know what reaction to give you on that but a week later Rongai became a nightmare. Each and every day we wake up to find someone either been dead or hurt and is in hospital. Now how do we relate that. These are thieves who have never been there and for sure we all know that they are petty thieves because they are attacking people with knives at 7pm in the evening. These are people who are desperate and need fast money so they end up stabbing you when you resist or don’t have the money. They have been released back to what they do best. Now was that worth the trouble. There was peace then all of a sudden you are even scared to walk home. I cant walk home alone for fear of my life, when I get to the house I lock all doors and windows but that does not give me the satisfaction. I have to wake up in the middle of the night to go and re-check if I locked the door well and if so listen to what is happening outside. What kind of life am I being rendered to and am not alone so many out there are feeling the same. Will I all this an act of being corrupt or was it done out of good will? They are in their houses in posh houses and do not even walk in the streets of Nairobi to experience what we do on a daily basis. This is so outrageous, who will help us if those we elected to do so are not bothered?

  6. muttua

    November 4, 2009 at 9:50 am

    in the recent past there have been so many road accidents and many innocent lives lost. The question is how do all those faulty cars pass the police barriers without the police noticing that those public and even personal cars do not comply with all the traffic rules in Kenya?

    Most of us have witnessed the tout giving the traffic police some cash in order to let the either over loaded PSVs pass through the police barriers instead of charging it with breaking the traffic rules. It is very sad to see that very drunk and reckless drivers have increased on our roads. One night we were coming from some club in Westlands sorry to say that we were all so high on alcohol and some other stuff and to make the matter worse we were driving on the wrong lane.

    Unluckily some motorists informed the cops about it so they followed us. We were so scared when their cars surrounded us and we expected the worst to happen like they would tow our car and maybe call our parents. Shock on us! This is Kenya like they always put it- We had about KSH.4000 so we gave them and they let us go after some argument.

    We can all imagine how the cops ignorance or their don’t care attitude has led to many deaths in our country. If they stopped being so selfish and think more about saving lives by disciplining careless motorists rather than taking petty bribes that cannot even be enough for all their needs then we can all be sure of reduced loss of lives and many other negative issues brought about by this vice.

    Let us fight against this, life is more than money. Corruption is a killer. May all those we have lost through road accidents rest in peace.


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