23 Oct

One Saturday afternoon I left home saying goodbye to my parents to go visit my aunty. It was the time of ramadhan so there was no much action nor movement in town. After the evening meal, I decided to go to town and meet my friends to some night shopping before we celebrated Idd-il-fitr. After we were done with the shopping, we left back for home. I alighted at the stage and am hoping you have not forgotten that I was spending at my aunties place. I was walking with so many people along that same street.

I then came to notice that people were being stopped on the way and I did not know by whom but I came to find out that it was the police. I was also stopped and joined the crowd. They asked for our national id’s and asked why we were walking at that time of the night, for God’s sake it was just 9 o’clock. They had nothing to hold us but do you know they let all the rest go and I was left with them. So I asked them, what was so different with the others that they let them go and are still holding me with no reason but the hurled insults and abuse at me. I came to notice that the police were chewing miraa and there was a stench of alcohol so they must have been drank. I explained to them that I had come to visit my aunty after they took me to the local watchmen which they call sungusungu to identify if they know me.

That pissed me off but there was nothing I would do. I had to tag along with them for almost 3 hours like I was a policewoman….shame on them. Then I finally told them to take to the police station and charge me with whatever offense they had found me with. They said If I want them to let me go then I should give them something small and if not they will walk with me till morning. I asked them how much, they aid that was up to me. I had no money with me, so I had to take them to my aunties to give them the cash. I gave them 100kshs, they threw it on my face and demanded 500kshs. I was too exhausted to argue so my aunty gave them the 500. Keep in mind these are kenyan policemen who are asking for bribe from an innocent person, as more crimes are happening they are busy arresting innocent people trying to solicit money out of them. If Kenya is not corrupt then what are we?

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