23 Oct


I was lucky to attend the Kenyatta day celebrations(HEROES DAY) at the Nyayo stadium and my heart skipped a beat when I heard our dear president talk of corruption which like I have heard many say has become a way of life in Kenya and the question that came to my mind was will these officers be fired? We have heard these lines before. I just want to share with you people what Kibaki said during his speech.In his address to the nation during celebrations to mark the 46th Kenyatta Day at the Nyayo Stadium, President Kibaki ordered the accounting officers to institute sanctions including sacking and prosecuting errant officers who commit crimes of corruption.

Acknowledging that the war against crime was critical towards realization of Kenya ‘s development blue print Vision 2030, the Head of State called on relevant arms of the Government to conduct effective investigations and prosecutions with regard to corruption cases. The President said, “The Grand Coalition insists on fighting corruption and the culture of impunity because we know that integrity in the management of public institutions is critical to the attainment of the VISION 2030 goals.

During the celebrations the President also asked wananchi to fearlessly expose corrupt officers especially those who solicit bribes in order to eventually eradicate corruption and restore public confidence in their institutions. The President said, “I am happy to note that today there are fewer incidents of grand corruption reported by the National Audit Office. This is due to the tougher procurement laws, the oversight role of Parliamentary committees, and scrutiny by the civil society and the media.”

Kenyans let us expose all these corrupt people who have led so much suffering in our country and we can always sat it again – AM PROUDLY KENYA. JUMA


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2 responses to “KIBAKI WARNS CORRUPT OFFICERS -by Juma


    October 26, 2009 at 10:09 am

    I thank you for this site. I am very bitter as i write down what happened to me one Friday evening as i was headed home from the office. They were so many kanjuz in town-City councils. They were arresting hawkers.We all know that we ladies carry this huge hand bags and being a Friday i was going to spend at a friends place so i had some clothes. So i decided to call my brother to inform him about the situation because even the kawaida cops were so many. When i was in the middle of the conversation saying “don’t come this side they are so many” before i even finished i felt a tight grab on my hand someone shouting at me “wewe hawker unaambia wenzako wasikuje huku” (You hawker your telling your colleagues not to come we are here) i told them am not a hawker they slapped me and forcefully pushed me into their lorry in my 6 inch heels. I cried so much as we were being taken to Kamukunji i requested one of the guards to call my parents and inform them. He requested that i give him KSH 100 and credit worth 50bob i had no option so i quickly gave him KSH 150. When my parents came i was charged with hawking despite showing my job ID they said i had to part with KSH 3500 if i wanted release. My mum was so shocked because she dint have that much. We begged them to take Ksh 3000 but they refused saying that little to divide among men with families. I was so heart broken and i couldnt stand the smell in the dirty cells. My parents sort help and finally my brother came to our rescue.
    Corruption in our country is so real and its every where. These askaris from city council are pathetic and so selfish despite revealing my JOB ID they still insisted that i was a hawker..Ladies be warned with your huge hand bags. My request is they should style up.
    Angry Kenya.

  2. Eric Pasha

    October 27, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    I have only one question for those who visit this blog. Is our President being very sincere when he talks of warning corrupt officers? Don’t you think he should remove the speck in his eyes before he removes the one in the others eyes?


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