23 Oct


What a site? I learnt about this from a friend on face book and i tell you this is what we need. The stories are great especially because they are showing the other side that Kenyans need to know.Keep up its really encouraging despite the likes of KACC which takes long to investigate cases and bring culprits to book. This site is good because what i write here Kenyans will read.
I am a civil servant and i tell you people corruption is real.Sorry to say that am part of it.Please understand why i say its hard to finish corruption because people lead us into this mess and i mean our clients and employers.This is because i get very little pay that cant meet my daily basic needs and here i am with a typical Kenyan who wants things done faster for him or her and is truly willing to part with 3000 Kenyan money which i need so badly. If it were u what could you do? take the money! Yes.
By the way i don’t even blame the government for some of this issues because most of the times our bosses hardly know what goes on its really secretive. all i want to say is that if its possible for us to live equally then corruption will be thing of the past..
Thanks for this blog i hope to stop my ways of taking kitu kidogo if only i get a pay rise…

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