16 Oct

lawyers for hire
Reports emerging from some sections of the media indicate that some of the key post elections violence suspects on Ocampo’s list were reported to have engaged lawyers, for the sole reason they were adversely mentioned before Justice Phillip Waki Commission and a report compiled by Kenya National Commission on Human Rights. These reports are believed to be Ocampo’s springboard on Kenya.

In fact some lawyers revealed that they were preparing for any eventuality to defend their clients. Some even confidently said accusations made against their clients were based on hearsay, bordered on incitement, and do not attain the ‘pass-mark’ for ICC trials. An advocate who we wont name for his job security added that he was aware a senior intelligence officer, a former senior security official, and two senior members of the Cabinet have already asked their lawyers to stockpile legal defenses just in case.

Another lawyer said he was working for a minister and was aware of four Orange Democratic Movement’s ministers and an assistant minister had already recruited lawyers and were in constant consultations on what their fate could be just in case Ocampo narrows down on them. The lawyers said their clients took Ocampo’s statement that he will make Kenya an example to the world on impunity seriously. The lawyers were also scrutinizing the meaning of Ocampo’s insistence on the words ‘those with higher responsibility’ and ‘impunity’ to possibly imply the key suspects could have been holders of offices of influence to mean those who possibly were in an office whose where there action or inaction led to loss of lives.

Ocampo, who will meet Kibaki and Raila to put in place modalities for prosecution, is conducting preliminary investigations. “These are prominent people who were named in the Kenya Human Rights Report and who feel their names might be in the Waki envelope,” said a lawyer familiar with what is happening behind mask of the bravado some of the ministers have displayed.

Kenya is among five countries currently under preliminary examination. Other ‘cases’ under examination by his office include Guinea, Afghanistan, Colombia, Co’te d’Ivoire, Georgia and Palestine. Preliminary investigation means the ICC has not decided whether the Kenyan situation falls under their jurisdiction. As I always say let us wait and see as something new keeps emerging everyday concerning Ocampo’s visit…Impunity must come to an end and the suspects will surely be an example to the world.

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  1. Okun

    October 16, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    This topic brings tears in the eyes of all reasonably human beings, whether Kenyan or not. The thread is full of lopsided , myopic ideas that one only gets from people who are enjoying a freedom that they do not understand how it was won. Those who were alive during Kenyattas reign will agree that impunity did not start with the post election violence. We can all remember the tribal clashes in the rift valley, western, coast and nyanza provinces during the moi reign. This did not happen only once but every time elections were approaching. Was anybody taken to the Hague for them. None! Moi is still alive and even the blind can see his complicity in the last post election violence.

    Impunity in kenya is not just limited to the post election violence. It has permeated the very fabric of Kenya. The anglo leasing, goldenberg cases, Dr. Robert Ouko, Tom Mboya, bank robberies, Govenment tender sysytem are but some of the ones one can talk about from the endless list. Was anyone effectively prosecuted, NO.People instead were persecuted for pointing to these cases, many died.

    All the while, the Brits and Americans were playing ball with the perpetrators as long as they allowed the west to plunder Kenyas wealth.
    Today, alot of people are talking as if they want the Hague and this particular case to solve Kenyas problems. This is not only mischevious, but it is also entrenching the culture of impunity and mta du culture. If we only deal with post election violence alone

    Kivuitu and the entire electoral commission should have been in the Hague or in some jail for causing all these mayhem instead of a mouth watering handshake at the tax payers expence. The institutions in kenya need a drastic post moterm like the treat Ghanas judiciary got under Jerry Rawlings. Ghana today can be visited by our own son the USA President while the rot and confusion keep him away from home.
    The solution should start with Moi, the many office holders in the judiciary, the AG, the police , the civil servants , the electoral commission who all have been fanning this impunity.

    It does not matter where a civil servant comes from, all Kenyans need are services, but as long as the said civil servants can loot with impunity, poverty continues unabated while Kenyans pay exhorbitant taxes.
    People, remember Kenya fought the Brit because we did not want taxation without representation. Now we need to fight for no taxation without services and once that too is alligned people will live together amicably..
    It is true the post election violence was not only cruel but was also primitive and barbaric , but that was the only way people faced with a non existent judiciary could express their frustrations.

    We need to analyze the cause and effecta and stop treating only symptoms while still nurturing the cause.Kenyans should stop thinking this is our time to punish some tibes and use the Hague to perpetuate anothe Nyayo house chambers type of fear into other tribes. We are all in it together.


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