12 Oct

During a recent fund raising Vice-President Kalonzo Musyoka proposed that the three major communities form a political alliance ahead of the 2012 General Elections this has brought him under scathing attack from all walks of life. Surely isn’t he dividing the country by calling for an alliance among Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kamba communities?

We all hope that leaders should instead try to unite this country and cease forming tribal-based alliances. If these leaders just unite Central, Rift Valley and Eastern provinces, who will be responsible for the other areas which are also part of this country?

Kenyans should also call for a speedy delivery of a new constitution, which should be achieved sooner or later. The Committee of Experts should bring non-contentious issues before the House so that they could be passed, and then handle the contentious areas. I believe that the process should not be delayed since the constitution affects us directly.When Koffi Anna was in the country recently, he purposely wanted to see if any of the reforms under Agenda four (which we discussed earlier on a different article) have been achieved yet. Shockingly very little have been done but our leaders keep saying that they are pushing for changes in the main areas like police force but all we see is increased crimes in almost all parts of the country.

Look at the IDPs who were kicked out of the Eldoret show ground and spent the night in the rains with their families who included young kids. Is this anything to smile about? In as much as the government needs to meet the deadline of relocating these people it would be good to plan where to locate the genuine IDPs because their children are innocent. It is the high time that our leaders stopped wasting time in campaigning for 2012 but instead tackle urgent matters that affect us as Kenyans.


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  1. Francis

    October 12, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Do you think we shall have elections come 2012 ???

    my views is that no. Let me explain….., We all know that currently Kibaki is working on a strategy …all the major security powerful positions are held by members from his friendly communities and Anan realized that. A man on the going doesnt do that , he leaves everything to flow and a stable country. We all know that the current sitting ECK is just upto 2011 sometimes around june after the Constitution referendum which will be rejected by the citizens and the human rights bodies and thats the end ….

    so come 2012, no ECK in place , the political climate will be volatile since Sister Ocampo would have landed and handcuffed some key political suspects and major communities will be baying for the other community members blood to revenge and cause rampage.

    Poverty levels will have sky rocketed and desperation will be everywhere. Keep in mind we have over 20,000 learned guyz from campus every year and the old generation have decided its “time to eat”. Most of us here are in the second generation ie the ones hoping to be leaders, but we forget we have a younger generation…..which is more traumatized and in need of our jobs and a chance to be leaders. They have learn t from our mistakes ie tribalism , no action politics, sit back corruption , and many more.

    Kibaki has the authority for allocating himself 4 more years constitutionally, lawyers can clarify this. So he will just decide to “vunjilia ” parliament and add himself 4 years, the PM and the MPs who will be alive by then. Raila will be ok with this since he is loosing his charm and the new MPs will have four more years to enrich themselves.

    so come 2012, kenyans have to supported a blotted cabinet and a ungoverned government. Foreign aid will be history and another Zibambwe in the making.

    The only worse thing that can happen is civil coup by the civilians which if you come to think of it …..our police force is brutal like devils solders….so hata hio ni ngumu…..another 4 painful years ………so guys relax….hakuna war in 2012…those arming themselves are just following the long time proverb…” shame on you if you fool me once, shame on me if you fool me twice”…they are just getting ready in case the worst happens. For those who dont know, kenya is insecure….just a gunshot and everyone in your vicinity will be on the ground.

    just my thoughts and am not high on anything

    • Okun

      October 14, 2009 at 2:41 pm

      Francis, at this rate there will be NO elections come 2012. Which Kenyan will even come out and go vote for the maneaters of Kenya. Maybe those that are enjoying to be riding in the same bus will go and vote but how many are those the minority of course. As a far as am concerned, Kibaki is selfish, arrogant and a leech.

      The government is all but rotten.

  2. anitah

    October 12, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    I totally agree with my fellow Kenyan who asked a very disturbing question…i am totally confused with this coalition government that has made it as a habit that every time we have problems foreigners have to come in and give their directives on which way to follow… Look when Annan came what has changed? nothing…the same Annan was a UN official during the Genocide in Rwanda…..did he stop it? NO!!! Why? Because not unless the Citizens and the leaders come to an agreement then nothing much is expected to happen leave a lone relocating the IDPz …Corruption will even be worse i tell u my fellow Kenyans….. these leaders are selfish and don’t be surprised when campaigns start as soon as December this yea…..YES THATS HOW LESS THEY CARE ABOUT US. We have learnt it the hard way am sure no one want us to go back to Dec 2007!

    • Okun

      October 14, 2009 at 2:53 pm

      If you Kenyans cant help yourselves what is supposed to become of you, let the first world countries come in and drive some sense into your leaders heads. So much has changed Anitah, at least the culprit’s names finally landed in an envelope to Ocampo (my main man). Am sure that with the authority he holds something will be done to salvage our country. Its is too much while we struggle, they enjoy and feed on our sweat. Something has to be done and if Ocampo is the man to do it then I give him all my votes and my support.


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