07 Oct

Public servants who practice corruption or tribalism will soon face the sack, this came as a stern warning from Prime Minister Raila Odinga.
In a series of measures aimed at ensuring the government improves service delivery to the public, Mr Odinga announced that henceforth, the performance of civil servants will be evaluated by external experts and not public institutions to ensure no favoritism takes place.
All public tenders will also be made public on a monthly basis, complete with details of tender sums, winners of tenders and details of delayed projects, including the names of contractors and cost over-runs, the PM directed.
“Holders of public office who do not deliver results as committed in the freely signed performance contracts will be required to seek refuge elsewhere,” Mr Odinga warned.
The PM declared that the public will be involved in gauging the performance of ministries and those that do not meet the standards will not be given priority in the budget.
“In the event there will be serious inconsistencies between what a ministry commits to achieve and the expectations of the public, there may be need to reconvene respective negotiating teams to review the indicators and targets. The ministry of Finance will in turn be required to give financing priority to targets which have been duly supported by the public,” Mr Odinga stated.
He announced that the monitoring of project implementation will also be field based as opposed to the current situation where planning units at various ministries conduct the exercises from their offices instead of going to the field.
“The Ministry of Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 will be required to track progress in project monitoring countrywide while the performance contracting department will track and report on implementation of service delivery charters,” Mr Odinga outlined.
During the occasion, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Public Service Commission (PSC) came under severe censure by the PM and the head of civil service Francis Muthaura for failing to submit their respective performance contracts for evaluation for the second year in a row.
Hope the prime minister keeps his word and corruption will be a thing of the past. What do you think my fellow Kenyans or is it 2012 tactics? YOU BETTER WALK THE TALK MR.RAILA!!!!!!!!!!!


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