29 Sep

I don’t know if its right when I say that – Kenyan leaders whenever accused of something in public they always think/say its bad blood and even try bringing in some diplomatic issues. I am not saying that they should not complain if the accusations are justified but surely let’s just be logic we as a country need other countries in one way or another. Think it’s the high time they lowered their pride and see the positive side of the travel ban threat. It is for the better of our country. Don’t we need the reforms so badly?

We understand that Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetangula held a meeting on Tuesday morning with American Ambassador Michael Ranneberger to protest the travel ban threats issued to 15 prominent Kenyans whom the US claims are undermining the reform agenda. Details of the morning meeting remained unclear.

The Minister summoned Mr Ranneberger on Monday to seek an explanation about what Kenya said was a breach of diplomatic protocol after the US issued letters to the 15 individuals instead of communicating directly with the government. Mr Wetangula had demanded that the Ambassador produces the list of those whom the letters were sent to.

Mr Ranneberger announced about the letters last Thursday while Mr Wetangula was away on official duty in the US. He also warned that Kenya could use diplomatic options available “to curtail Mr Ranneberger’s habitual breach of protocol.”

The summons to the envoy followed an official protest letter sent to Washington by President Mwai Kibaki on Saturday over the same issue. In his letter, the Head of State said the action by the US Government official was considered ‘out of step with international protocols in the conduct of relations between friendly nations.’ Mr Wetangula said Washington was yet to respond to the letter from the Office of the President, but maintained that Nairobi would not stand by and watch the Ambassador ignore protocol.

The American Ambassador has rubbed authorities the wrong way several times for his regular criticism of government actions and policies. But Rannerberger was doing his duty…You know delivering the message from the States…
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