28 Sep


A new Global Corruption Report, 2009 reveals half of the international business executives believe corruption raises company costs by at least 10 per cent.  The report also indicated that Private companies spend an astonishing Sh3 trillion (US$40 billion) annually to corrupt politicians and Government officials in developing nations.

Transparency International-Kenya Executive Director Job Ogonda says public officers are the biggest beneficiary of corruption, despite existence of the Public Officer Ethics Act and the Public Procurement and Disposal Act. He said between 50 and 60 per cent of businesses transacted in the country depends on the Government.
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Despite Kenya’s impressive infrastructure by sub-Saharan Africa standards the country lags behind in attracting foreign direct investment due to corruption. . The Global Corruption Report, 2009 says that no country or region can claim to be immune to corruption or exhibit consistently superior performance in tackling the vice. Overall, some of the most troubled and poorest countries continue having the gravest problems with corruption.

I am not sure if the people in poorest countries are to blame for the deteriorating corruption reports but maybe situations sometimes force them to have the urge of getting things done faster in a corrupt way. At the end of it all we get ourselves in worse situations making life unbearable to many.
So for the sake of realizing our future dreams can we stop this corruption madness and greediness’ that our leaders in parliament, public and private sectors have? After all money come and go….maybe!! But it starts with you and me and like I always say corruption is wide and broad, making it not so easy to fight but I believe that if we unite we as a country will be headed some where by the year 2030.

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