04 Sep

All the crises we are facing in Kenya have a corruption bearing and to avert future crisis, it is important that this institution that is called KACC is headed by a competent and impartial person. I am personally proposing that the advisory board should have recommended Kamlesh Pattni’s name reason being has has been there done it all. President Kibaki did not follow the law by re appointing Ringera reason being the advisory board recommends the names of the KACC director and his assistants to the national assembly and once approved they go the executive who can then sign off on them. His re-appointment represents another crisis for the country, one which should not be swept under the carpet because there is already too much garbage with no other space under.
Ringera is not a toothless tiger; he is not even a wolf in sheep clothing, He is a chameleon in a plain lizard’s clothing. He was at the helm when the Anglo leasing scandal came calling but he refused to answer to his call of duty. Instead, he accompanied Kimunya to London to try and convince the only man who answered the call and exposed this scandal, Mr. Githongo, to put a seal on it. When you hire a hyena to guard the hen house, that is exactly what you get. This is a whole anti-corruption chief who was involved in the cover up of a scandal regarding his relations. And then he is put in charge for a second term! We all know what that means. So Kamlesh for KACC and as they say “better the devil you know than the angel you don’t know”

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