04 Sep

food 2The past few months have been very difficult for Kenyans. One crisis First we were told that there was no food, then there was no water, and when energy went. As if that is not enough for Kenyans president Kibaki went ahead to re-appoint Aaron Ringera as the Anti-corruption czar. From a distance, you may think that Ringera’s appointment has nothing to do with the above crisis. I will try and show you how he played a major role.
Since independence, our shameless leaders have been handing away prime land inside the forest now ranches to their families and friends. From Aberdare, through Mount Elgon to Mau, forests were felled to make way for farm land and this is going on to date. These were our water catchment areas and they have run dry. The acquisition of these forest lands were in no way legal. Furthermore, there were those illegal connections redirecting water from needy Kenyans to some influential affluent personalities’ homes. These were corrupt deals by the various regimes and hence the work of the anti-corruption commission which Ringera “headed”.water 2
On the energy crisis, this has led to the current power rationing. Water which ran dry because the forest cover land illegally allocated to influential figures has effectively killed the water catchment areas is to blame. But we have to question why a power generating plant has taken close to two decades to be completed.
We blamed the food crisis on the post election violence, the drought, and finally our leading politicians in the name of Ruto and some relation of Raila. This has led to starvation of nearly 10 million Kenyans and those that did not starve would have been given poisoned maize had alarm not been raised. For people to starve the way they are now, some people are making good money trading on this bad fortune of “shortage.” When people could not relent in demanding accountability because they did not take lightly people trading on their livelihoods, there was questioning of these leading figures by the anti-corruption commission which Ringera headed.
These are all corruption cases because somebody did something that they should not have and which have put us in the crisis we are in today. Ringera who headed the anti-corruption commission had his men look into this.Ringera crisis

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