27 Aug

The Kenyan government urged us all to ensure that we have been enumerated because it is very important for them to exactly know Kenya’s population that has grown tremendously over the last ten years and the government will plan for service delivery. Kenyans are not so sure about the effectiveness of this process since more than 60% have not been enumerated and the census questionnaire requires people to disclose their ethnicity which we seem not to understand why.Rumors has it that most of the officials were not trained since their relatives or close friends were the officers foreseeing the exercise.Talk of corruption in all Kenyan activities?.
Kenyans feel that in as much as the census maybe of importance to them all, the planning ministry would have done better by first thinking about the internally displaced persons (IDPS) who are still in camps. Central Organization of Trade Unions Secretary General Francis Atwoli also hit out at the Government for failing to enumerate a considerable number of Kenyans on the third day. Considering a lot of funds were set a side for the exercise, it defeats logic that a sizable number of Kenyans are yet to be counted.Now If ministers and senior Government officials are yet to be counted, what about the ordinary mwananchi?

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