14 Aug

kanyan judgesKenya’s anti-corruption chief Aaron Ringera has accused the country’s judges of being the one of the biggest hurdles in the fight against corruption. He blamed the judges for the huge number of corruption cases that have stalled in the courts.
Before his appointment to head KACC Mr. Ringera, who was a judge, raised issues varying from unnecessary transfer of magistrates, unwarranted adjournments to too lenient sentences and penalties. According to him, most corruption cases have been adjourned either by accused persons or the courts.
Mr. Ringera accused the judges of failing to apply the full vigor of law when it comes to punishing corruption suspects adding that it is only in eight cases that accused persons were sentenced to imprisonment without fine. Apart from those eight cases, one might be forgiven for venturing to suggest that corruption is being treated like a minor traffic offence.”
The judges on their part defended the judiciary with Mr. Justice Aggrey Muchelule saying that in most high profile corruption cases, what is normally presented before the courts suggest lack of seriousness by KACC saying that the evidence adduced in court in most cases are insufficient and one thinks that KACC doesn’t want the suspects to be convicted. At times when you convict in such cases you tend to think that you are hurting same KACC which has brought the case as it appears it doesn’t really want these people convicted.

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