14 Aug

horribleONLY IN KENYA-Basic needs are given poor priority
One thing can be said-the mere fact that corruption has become an item of national preoccupation is paradoxically the first real achievement by Kenyans over corruption. Since the end of the last decade the emphasis has moved from building public awareness on corruption issues to understanding the nature of corruption and its effects on the economy, society and politics; understanding the nature of the beast as it were. njaaa
The Governance Model asserts that corruption affects poverty by influencing governance factors, which, in turn, impact poverty levels. We all know that corruption reduces governance capacity which means that it weakens political institutions and citizen participation leading to lower quality government services and infrastructure. The poor Kenyans suffer disproportionately from reduced public services.
When health and basic education expenditures are given lower priority, for example, in favor of capital intensive programs that offer more opportunities for high-level rent taking, lower income groups lose services on which they depend.
Corruption is consistently correlated with higher school dropout rates and high levels of infant mortality. Unluckily impaired governance increases poverty by restricting economic growth and, coming full circle, by its inability to control corruption. BUT THE THING IS WOMEN AND CHILDREN ARE THE ONES WHO SUFFER MOST…


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  1. Okun

    August 14, 2009 at 11:20 am

    AM so moved by this article i cant help but cry for my country.When will all this come to an end? What is becoming of our country. We have no food, no water, no money. We have nothing to be precise. And what is the government doing about it. The people we qued to vote for and put in office have neglected our needs and only think of making themselves comfortable. God what did we do to deserve this? It has to come to an end, there’s something we can do to bring this to a stop. For how long are we supposed to die and suffer while the minority few are enjoying on our behalf. Kenyans we have to come up with something to help those who are dying on a daily basis. Every minute a person dies, eventually we’ll be all gone. We are happy for private companies who came up with saving lives initiatives.I would also like to give the little i have to my fellow kenyans suffering and i am requesting you to join me as we save lives. Am begging my fellow kenyans to join me so that we take hope where there is none because as of now all hope is gone.


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