13 Aug

The Grand Coalition Government in Kenya seems to be losing the war against corruption. In the wake of widespread starvation, rising costs of living, power rationing name it and the list is endless. Transparency International -Kenya’s National Corruption Perceptions Survey shows that many Kenyans believe the government has the power, the ability but not the will to tackle corruption. Parliament stands especially indicted in the failure to uphold the common good.
The survey, which sought to assess the perceptions of Kenyans as regards progress on the war against corruption two years after the formation of the Grand Coalition, was conducted amongst a random sample of 1000 respondents between February and March of this year.
Coinciding with reports of massive graft within the maize and oil sectors, the survey sought to establish whether the Kenyan citizen maintains confidence in the expressed intention of the Coalition to tackle corruption. The survey indicates a prevailing belief that the anti corruption agenda is being constrained by an apparent lack of political will. The entire state has been captured to a certain extent by corrupt interests. Nearly every institution of governance and service delivery is working in the interest of a small group of people who profit from it.

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