11 Aug

investorsAll Kenyans including kids now already know that corruption remains the most significant barrier to doing business in Kenya. The graft is the number one barrier to investment. Corruption in our country has always been rated as a severe handle by different firms, while respondents reported that “unofficial payments” to “get things done” are required 57 percent of the time.
Shockingly some of the worst offenders, according to a recent survey by World Bank include Kenya Revenue Authority, the Health inspectorate, Municipal authorities, and utility companies. According to data collected in a survey of 282 formal manufacturing firms and workers over seven sub-sectors in five towns, more than half of the companies reported that they regularly had to make unofficial payments of over 6 percent of their revenues. Two thirds felt they were expected to pay bribes for government contracts.
The worst offending inspection agencies include the taxation and municipality authorities. The medium bribe in this category was $400. Many firms, however, admitted to being party to grand corruption by making payment to policy makers or senior bureaucrats in order to win government contracts and influence law making. WITH THIS BAD HISTORY WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WANT TO INVEST IN KENYA?


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