10 Aug

CORRUPTION FREE ZWe all see sign boards outside almost all public offices reading “THIS IS A CORRUPTION FREE ZONE” ironically that’s the den of all evil. Take for example its only in Kenya where forged university degrees from the country’s most prestigious university are openly sold on the floor below that of the offices of the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Education, foreigners buy Kenyan passports over-the-counter at the Immigration Ministry, business licenses are sold to the highest bidders, CEOs of public corporations employ all the able-bodied men from their rural villages regardless of their qualifications, forests are destroyed to clear land dubiously grabbed by highly-placed government officials…. The list goes on. A task force from the Kenyan treasury looking into the 1997 general elections found that district commissioners diverted more than 1 billion Kenyan shillings meant for Kenya’s second multiparty elections into their own pockets.
A cross-section of observers concur that the latest report goes a long way toward corroborating the rumor, now bandied on many Kenyan streets, that the country is slowly replacing Nigeria as a metonymy for corruption in Africa. Many Kenyans say they bribe especially police officers to avoid harassment.
Some officials in public offices dismiss reports published by corruption investigators saying “As damning as it is, the report does not present the true picture. There are many false charges leveled against us,” for example when Transparency International faulted for high-profile cases of corruption in the hiring and promotion of civil servants such were the sentiments.

Other companies singled out by the report have been quick to issue statements in their defense. But many Kenyans, including the clergy, shrug off such denials as pro-forma. Just wondering how many times the government has promised to fight corruption with no fruits to show of it. Isn’t a shame?? WE ACTUALLY FORCE OURSELVES WHEN WE SAY “NAJIVUNIA KUWA MKENYA” Kenyans are ashamed of this government.
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  1. joseph m

    August 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Am not ashamed of being a Kenyan but am ashamed of the Kenyan leadership. Especially the so called cabinet. It’s a disgrace to this country. HOW I WISH I WAS GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO LECTURE THESE guys. Maybe i could put some sense in their thick heads, which they will forget anyway after a minute


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