10 Aug


kenya analiaOur own Kenyan musician Eric Wainaina sang a popular Swahili hit, “Nchi ya Kitu Kidogo” (A Country of Bribes) which many Government officials were not happy with since it touched on a subject that they don’t like hearing.
We always hear of Kenya all over the world when it comes to corruption cases, or studies regarding corruption our country must be mentioned with three departments topping the bribery league. They include Kenya’s police, followed by the Ministry of Public Works and the Immigration Department.
Can you believe that if leaks in Kenya’s economy caused by corruption could be plugged, Kenyans’ salaries would increase by 30 percent? Among other worrisome facts, indicate that adults Kenyan cities pay an average of 2,670 Kenyan shillings monthly as a “bribery tax” to the police.
Freedom is on sale in the courts, people have died in hospitals because they didn’t know the right people, for a few hundred Kenyan shillings, drivers go scot-free after committing the worst traffic offences, underpaid civil servants remain aloof until they hear the crinkling of a 1,000 Kenyan shilling note, elected officials skim from the treasury, tons of food imported from relief organizations disappear from government offices without any explanation.

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One response to ““A COUNTRY OF BRIBES”-KENYA

  1. Francis

    August 10, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    Corruption is a major crime thats drives the economy of any nation backwards since the ones benefiting are few. In kenya we have a government that does not know what type of corruption to deal with ……what we call discriminative corruption fight . We have a big problem, our country is in a big mess…we are even corrupting the environment. We need and should pray for a leader who will lead in the front line…we need someone who will punish corruption and its culprit … i guess its me


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