06 Aug

acciddddddddThis the kind of a question that would get trillion answers starting from the latest power rationing. The Mau forest drying up and leading to poor turn up of tourists who enjoy the view of the wild beast migrating from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to our very own Maasai Mara Game reserve.burrrrrrnThe worst thing about corruption is an incident that led to a national day of mourning in Kenya. Do you remember the Sachan’gwan tanker tragedy in a sleepy town in Rift valley which was also one the worst hit during the post election violence. Hundreds of poor Kenyans burnt beyond recognition. WHY DID THEY DIE?Just like the first lady said and i quote “THESE KENYANS CAME TO FETCH PETROL AND LOST THEIR LIVES BECAUSE THEY ARE POOR.POVERTY LED TO THIS TRAGEDY” I totally agree with first lady,corruption has led to so many deaths mainly because of poverty. The many road accidents occurring can also be purely blamed on corruption because the traffic police don’t do their jobs.If a car is faulty and the driver gives the cop some money it’s allowed to carry passengers. In return what do we get? Thousands of innocent lives lost. How can one be so inhuman? It’s lives we are talking about. Not to forget the price increase in all basic needs.

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