03 Aug

The question remains a misery but we can keep on guessing.
city hall
There is lots of excitement over the Nairobi Mayoral elections today. Rumor has it that ODM’s Councilor Majiwa from Baba Ndogo ward has spent over Kshs 5 million to clinch the post having in mind that mayor’s salary is about Kshs 250,000 a month and it is usually for a two year term. Maybe it’s so obvious that some big people in ODM sponsored him because they know what is in it for them. I have asked myself this question over and over again DO WE REALLY NEED MAJIWA BACK AT THE CITY HALL? This guy has nothing to show off in that term he has been in office instead he is just busy in politics and nothing has changed at City Hall and yet Kenyans are craving for change and giving their lives for it. mayor 22222
Believe me or not the campaign money will be recovered in the usual way “Corrupt deals”. How I wish that Nairobians could just be allowed to do a quick one and decide who to be their mayor by being allowed to vote personally. Our only wish is that this time round there will be no blows but instead the candidates and their supporters will act like grown ups. May transparency prevail and the best candidate win.

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  1. Francis

    August 3, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    And we ask why they fight each and every election…they are selling every tinny plot in nairobi and its towns…Corruption has its roots to every pat of the council…. how can someone spend over 5 million to be re elected if there is no big catch….All corrupt leaders should not be allowed in an public office….


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