31 Jul

In the recent past we have heard of many buildings still under construction collapsing. Some are really bad that people die, others badly injured, properties destroyed etc.
The issue is that the surveyors’ profession has been infiltrated by quacks that are fueling land-grabbing across the country. And this in turn is distorting the face of developments and investments in real estate. The Land Surveyors Board (LSB) that is mandated to instill discipline within the sector, as provided for in the Survey Act, appears impotent and subdued.
The City Hall is also doing very little to stop these quacks from surveying the buildings just because someone somewhere has been bribed to allow the constructions to take place without the right procedure.
It seems like in Kenya money is more important than someone’s life. It’s the high time that those concerned should take serious action against all those people sleeping on their jobs. We got many talents out there who can run offices better perhaps.

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