31 Jul

We all see press adverts on some big companies awarding contracts to potentials.Many apply for the same but how the contracts are awarded remains a misery because the result of the job is always wanting or takes like forever to be done.Take for example our road contractors how long do they take to tarmac the roads which do not even last.The thing is one has to bribe the one awarding the contract handsomely and as a result we get very shoddy work done.
BAD ROADSSome time back , the World bank announced that our country Kenya, was making a difficult transition to democracy after decades of one-party rule and was approved for a new loan of more than $100 million., Kenya had temporarily been cut off from funding by the World Bank and its affiliate lending organization, the International Monetary Fund, because of widespread political corruption. As recently as May, a government official was accused of taking a $100,000 bribe from a contractor in the Kenya Urban Transport Initiative Program, a bank project that was suspended because of charges of rampant bribery and embezzlement.
In a personal perspective I would wish the bank to ban, or “debar,” companies that use bribes and other unethical means to secure contracts, or directly punish governments by denying or decreasing loans to those where corruption is rampant this will be a good way of combating corruption. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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