24 Jul

harasmentMany of the people blogging are complaining about traffic police officers illegally extorting money from the motorists especially public vehicles but one asked a very important question that caught my attention and thought it may help us all in reporting corruption and at least get some response inform of action. Below is the message from the blogger (anonymous)
” I truly agree with my fellow Kenyans on the issue of police officers madness when it comes to taking bribes from motorists. I have been a victim too many times but my main question to my fellow victims is: HAVE THEY TRIED REPORTING ANY OF THE INCIDENTS TO ANYONE IF YES , WHO AND WERE THERE ANY ACTIONS TAKEN? ”
This the question that caught my attention and left me wondering do we ever report the cases?If yes you can let your fellow Kenyans know to whom the cases were reported to and if any actions were taken.Go on people this is your blog.

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