22 Jul

“Corruption in the water sector makes implementation of economic plans impossible resulting in poverty and diseases due to illegal connection of poor quality pipes in most of the slum areas,”
WATERMost household particularly Nairobi and it’s environs are suffering from an acute water shortage for the last few months and is expected to continue for quiet some time according to a report by Transparency International Kenya (TI-K) in partnership with MAJI NA USAFI a non governmental organization that is aimed at improving good governance in the Kenya water and sanitation sector.
The report findings by Transparency International Kenya say that poor management and corruption within the water sector has lead to malpractices and therefore experiencing a big loss in revenue collection. The study established that 57% of water consumed for domestic purposes was unaccounted for and that cases of bribery for illegal connections were higher in Nairobi at 87%, Mombasa 75% and Kisumu 67%.other malpractices include tampering with meter readings and diversion of water from domestic users to industries.
In its recommendations, the two organizations urged the Ministry of Water to develop institutional linkages that will facilitate detection of loopholes that create opportunities for malpractices.They further recommended the strengthening of consumer participation and feedback systems to encourage water users to file complaints.
This reports comes amidst acute water shortage in most of households particularly in Nairobi and its environs

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  1. Francis

    July 24, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Ave come to a conclusion that the hegue is the the option for Kenya rather, future kenya. LET ME EXPLAIN WHY …

    If you look closely for those siding with the local tribunal option, they are the big fish….the financiers, perpetrators (whatever that means) and master minds behind the killing and the human injustices that ware done to our fellow kenyans. It doesnt matter which side your are , they ware injustices done to human beings that had the right of life. They are advocating for a local tribunal that they can manipulate and only prosecute small guys , young men , the local man who went to protest …., he policemen who followed orders, etc etc …..they know clearly that the Ocampo option goes for the big fish…the scared cows now…

    Our president has less to loose and he should read the mood on the ground ,…..mashinane , it doesnt mean that if all the big guys , the Uhurus, the Rutos the Railas the whoever if they are taken to cell that we cant have leaders in our country….we have better brains and more focused people in our midst who have the good of our country at heart ,…we have seen this several times.

    Kenya needs a clean up of the current political leadership and if we can do that for the future kenya, then am sure God will do it for us ,,,either way. Local tribunal just wont work……since the time of Ouko, JM , na wengine wengi…nothing has been done…..and nothing will be done by these people.

    It either a military take over or Ocampo but looking at our military, there is no hope there……They ware the beneficiary of the post election violence …big salos…big cars while kenyans die of hunger and poverty …they sell maize and tell the people who fought for them to eat rats…

    They sell fuel and mis manage our forests and tell us to harden….I cant understand why the president has to be briefed on hunger and poverty in his country by people who dont feel the pain…..kwani all he does is sleep….he should be watching TV and maybe he wont need 2nd opinion on straight forward stuff…….
    If we continue like this until 2012, the eruption that will come after the election will be of magnitude… talk of millions …people are feed up and tired of this leadership and a slight trigger of violence will just blow it….



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